What is RAM Memory

Basic Hardware Components

What is RAM Memory - Basic Hardware Components

Why Does Upgrading RAM Improve the System Performance

14Oftentimes, programs become larger as more advanced versions of them come on the market. The larger programs are, the more RAM space they utilize. By giving them more space—meaning adding more RAM—you can make your computer run faster.

This is particularly the case on computers that are relatively recent. Newer computers tend to have plenty of processor power, good hard drives and so forth. When they slow down a bit or when you just want a faster overall performance from them, adding RAM is oftentimes the easiest, most cost effective way to get that increased performance.

Gamers, people who edit video and audio, graphic designers and others are very dependent upon having enough RAM in their system. It’s not uncommon for such individuals to upgrade their RAM when the programs that they use the most release new versions, as each new version is oftentimes much harder on RAM.

Remember to make sure that the RAM you choose is the right fit for your motherboard. Different types require different sockets.